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Welcome To JMJ Air Conditioning And Refrigeration in Cambridge

JMJ air conditioning are based in cambridge working in Huntingdon,St Neots,Newmarket,Bury St Edmunds and surrounding areas. our attention to detail with your air conditioning project and with 26 years industry knowledge. we will provide you with the best service and alongside wide range of market leading air conditioning products to choose from, you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for! If you require assistance, our qualified staff will provide you with expert guidance. 

We cater for types of projects , from single room offices to restaurants, hotels and large retail complexes. and can quickly map out your premises and propose the best air conditioning or refrigeration design for you. With all our clients our goal is the same to provide you a cost effective service that is effective, quiet, environmentally friendly and that works all year round.

At JMJ we are committed to saving you money by providing you with a air conditioning or refrigeration service that is fit for purpose and  only use leading brands . We never compromise on quality, but instead strive to lead the industry in terms of the latest green technologies, and energy efficient systems.

Our refrigeration and air conditioning services can cover the full range from service,installation and maintenance this includes fresh air systems,Ductwork and all electrical works.



R22 Air Conditioning Replacement Specialist

Is it time to replace your air old conditioning?

At the end of 2014 it will be illegal to use R22 refrigerant to service and maintain your air conditioning.

If your building uses air conditioning and it was installed before 2003 it is likely now at risk and you should be considering a sensible approach to replacement.

  • R22 refrigerant is harmful to the ozone layer if it should leak from an air conditioning system
  • Energy costs are ever rising and old equipment can consume up to 50% more energy than new equipment, costing you more money and creating more carbon emissions
  • The equipment may be approaching the end of its life, leading to potential unplanned failures leaving your building with no heating and cooling
  • Maintaining the current R22 equipment will be more difficult and costly, as spares parts become more scarce and expensive
  • Legislation are more strongly targeting reductions in energy use in buildings 

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